The Porter Garden Telescope

The Porter Garden Telescope, was an innovative ornamental telescope for the garden designed by Russell W. Porter and commercialized by Jones & Lamson Machine Company at the beginning of the 1920´s in the United States.

Oriented to users with high purchasing power, and constructed in statuary bronze, it could be left permanently outdoors like sculptures and sundials, keeping the delicate optics in a case.

It was embellished with floral ornament, with a style close to the art nouveau. In its base were the names of celebrated astronomers: Galileo, Kepler, and Newton.

The part called the bowl bore the commercial logo "The Porter Garden Telescope", the name and address of the manufacturer, the serial number of manufacture, and the number and date of the patent.

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Russell W. Porter
22.02.1949 in Unbekannt
Russell W. Porter
amerikanischer Polarforscher, Künstler und Amateurastronom. Er wird häufig als der Begründer der Bewegung der Amateur-Teleskopbauer bezeichnet. Unter anderem gründete er 1926 die Vereinigung der Amateur Telescope Maker in Springfield im US-Bundesstaat Vermont.